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We started using Sonlight Curriculum in the fall of 1999. Sonlight offers a rich literature-based approach to history from a Christian perspective. Beginning in their third year, the curriculum correlates history reading, readers, and read-aloud books, providing a wonderfully immersive learning experience. For more on Sonlight, do visit their website and order a catalog--great reading, whether you choose to use their curriculum or not. Many people opt to use their catalog as a reading list, and Sonlight will sell everything from complete packages to single books. Another terrific source for information on Sonlight is the very helpful Paula's Archives.

Many, if not most, Sonlight users find Sonlight's offerings to be more than adequate for a year's study. Others find themselves looking for supplemental books, whether because they're trying to include younger or older siblings or trying to stretch a Sonlight "year" into a year and a half or longer or simply because their children are voracious readers. Parents of hands-on learners often add activities to Sonlight's book-based curriculum. This section of my site will include the supplements we and other Sonlight users have found helpful along the way.

Note that if you're not using the Sonlight year in question, the lists I provide won't give you a complete look at the topic. If you're attempting to cobble together your own curriculum on the topics Sonlight covers, you would do well to get your hands on their catalog!