My American Girl Dolls


Samantha was the first AG doll I got. I received her for my 7th birthday, so she is 9 years old. Reading is one of her favorite things to do, and her favorite book is The Wizard of Oz.

The dress she is wearing here is her Talent Show dress.

Here is my Bitty Baby, Sara, in her Easter outfit. I bought her in 1997. Her favorite things to do are playing with blocks and being read to.
This is Josefina in her summer outfit. I bought her in 1999. She enjoys playing with her doll and with the cat, Purrlie.

Nellie is my newest doll. I bought her in November, 2004, on a trip to AG Place in NYC. Her full Gaelic name is Éibhleann Mairéad (AVE-len ma-RAYD) O'Malley, but Nellie fits her much better.
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